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Battle of the Books

Are you a 4th, 5th, or 6th grader? Do you love to read? Join the Battle of the Books!

What is it?

The Battle of the Books is a voluntary school and districtwide reading competition for 4th - 6th graders.

Students work in teams of four to read as many of the 20 battle books as they can. These battle books consist of the Sasquatch Award nominees and the Windows and Mirrors Award nominees. 

In May, our school has a Battle of the Books. The teams compete, answering questions with the various book titles as answers. The two teams with the highest scores move on to the Edmonds School District Battle of the Books.

The district battle occurs in June. The top team brings home the trophy to be displayed in their library the following year!

How do I join?

Start forming teams now! Once you've formed your team, please fill out a team card in the library. This card will help you keep track of the books read among your group members.

Remember, your team is counting on you to do your part, so read, read, read!

What books do I read?

The battle books are this year's Sasquatch Award nominees and Windows and Mirrors Award nominees. In our library, you'll find these books in its own section near the search stations. You can also find them in the Collections section of Sora.