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Harassment Policy

Harassment Policy


Title IX of the Civil Rights Act prohibits sexual harassment, which is a form of discrimination. The Edmonds School District will maintain a learning and working environment which is free from sexual harassment. Any student, parent, employee, or volunteer who believes she/he has been subjected to sexual harassment at school should bring this to the immediate attention of the principal, the District Affirmative Action Officer, or any District administrator with whom she/he feels comfortable discussing the matter. All such complaints will be promptly investigated and, where appropriate, immediate corrective action will be taken. To the highest degree possible, allowing for a fair investigation, all such complaints will be treated in a confidential manner.


The Edmonds School District and Chase Lake Elementary School are committed to maintain a positive and productive learning environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. All students should feel safe at school, physically and emotionally. We encourage our students to be kind, to consider feelings of others, and to understand and appreciate differences in each other.

Some examples of harassment in school might include continual or chronic behavior such as:

  • making comments regarding individual differences; such as, ethnicity, disabilities, body size – anything one can’t change about themselves
  • making insulting or degrading remarks, or conduct, directed to a student or staff member
  • name calling, teasing, put downs
  • taunting or provoking a reaction from someone
  • mimicking or copying to make fun of others
  • chasing or following others

cornering or blocking of normal movements

  • spreading rumors
  • writing graffiti about someone else

Sexual harassment in school might include:

  • making inappropriate comments regarding an individual’s body or clothes
  • sending or displaying suggestive notes, pictures, or graffiti
  • making suggestive gestures, verbal comments or jokes
  • making derogatory comments or degrading descriptions
  • making propositions

Any student who believes she or he has been subjected to harassment, including sexual harassment at school, should immediately report this to any school employee with whom the student feels comfortable discussing the matter. Appropriate people include the principal, principal’s designee, counselor, teachers and the District Affirmative Action officer.

If a student does not want to speak to a school employee, but reports to his or her parents that she/he has been subjected to sexual harassment at school, the parents should report this matter to the school principal immediately. All reports will be promptly investigated and, where appropriate, immediate corrective action will be taken. To the degree possible, complaints will be treated in a confidential manner.

Retaliation against anyone reporting complaints of sexual harassment or against anyone serving as a witness in an investigation of sexual harassment is strictly forbidden. False reporting of incidents of sexual harassment or bearing false witness in an investigation is also strictly forbidden. Such behaviors will be treated as disciplinary cases with corrective action being taken.

Please note, a copy of the Harassment Policy will be sent home with your student(s). Included in the brochure is a signature form for you to sign that you have read and discussed this policy with your child. Please return the signed form to the school office for placement in their cumulative record file.


By state law and district policy, the issuing of a threat against individuals or against district property will be taken seriously. Staff, students, volunteers and others involved in school activities have the responsibility to report any threats of violence or harm to the principal or the designee.

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